Ok, so here's a story, that's my mother vintage playsuit(btw.I wrapped it into pants), that use to look very chic and elegant on her, now on me, mixing it with suspenders and a straw hat is looking kinda chunky, but I like it that way! oh, god, if my mother only see what is looking like now her old expensive playsuit . I remeber, when I was I child,  she use to wear it with long shawls, she use to look like a model with her long legs and blond hair, maybe in the next post i will show you my mother instead of me, hah!

  vintage jumpsuit worn as pants / ray ban sunglasses /vintage suspenders /h&m hat /spike ring &portfolio clutch from asos /intimissimi top underneath and up an vintage sport top /
zara asymetric court shoes
in few photos I'm wearing leather flats from aldo 

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Combat mode

Now meet Noemi combat from alexander wang,  the hidden item in the black box from yesterday!  love the combat and statament look they have, they're strong and effective,  there's no need to exaggerate with the rest a simple long sweater worn as a dress would suit perffectly.

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The black box

 what's in there? the next post will reveal. I'm super excited, I wanted that box for a long time.

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express yourself

I think that all of us have the key looks and clothes that make us feel more confortable and secure while  wearing it. Some of us like high heels some others feel more comfortable in flat shoes, from femminine looks to boyish and masculine, we all have different oppinions and taste but I think when you found yourself and your attitude in one look or style, THAT'S IT!  the style that makes you feel more powerfull in it, more self-assicure and confident, can trasmit who you are or who you want to be, and that's my oppinion about what  the MAIN POINT OF FASHION IS, to make us feel good, make us feel like a person who we want to be or just to higlight who we are for real. I see fashion as the most powerful art of exspressions. Do you feel the same? is that the point of fashion? what do you think? let me hear your oppinion!
btw. that's my THATS IT  look

bag and belt vintage / white pants met /white top and hat h&m / silver cuffs from accessorize

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Pleasant mornings

Today, I started the day in the best way! Reading vogue with one hand and with the other taking my large capuccino with a lot of cream and flaked chocolate on top.  I ussually love reading magazines in the morning with a cup of coffee rather than late nights when I'm already tired or during the day  in a hurry, because I like to scan  page per page. Thats like my little pleasure to start the day in the best mood. + with my new sheer white harem pants can't feel  better!!

white cotton camisole /sheer harem pants brought at the  handmade goods fair  / white cuff from c&a /silver cuff from accessorize /the blanket worn as a poncho DIY aslo seen in this post

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hairy leopard print on my new sneakers, soft to the touch.  This is a surprise that I found  waiting me yesterday. My boyfriend knows best when it comes to pick something special and unusual! perfect for the cold seson. I can already  imagine these leopard sweeties with a black skinny jeans and a chunky sweater!

leopard print sneakers from forfex /trainer shorts from tally weijl / 
 /sheer top from intimissimi / nerd glasses

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