cropped white + brown leather

white cropped jeans DIY /white shirt from h&m /brown gladiator heels
brown leather bag /white cuff c&a

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a boy or a girl?!

 Love the game of hiding your body shape in that baggy pants but still looking feminine with those pointed toes. These old levi's (which now are my fav pair) belonged to my mother, she used to wear them when she was my age, now they are in my wardrobe and i love that!

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the silver anklet

the silver chain anklet I received as a birthday gift 
still looking for more similar ones out of different materials to mismatch it around my leg 
 I won't stop with one when they look so summer-like especially with a court/ low-cut shoe.

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august 13.

13.august, yesterday, a dinner  with a plate of tortillias, limes, mojitos and cuba libres and even some presents, yes, we were celebrating my birthday!! a bit different than usually,  considering that I was wearing  sweatpants instead of a dress like  normal birthday girl do, but who said I'm normal?! hah

  the birthday cake with my logo on it was an amazing present from my dear friend who had  a great idea!
I was wearing: intimissimi tank top  and green glittered bra / adidas originals sweat pants

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easy summer whites

Tones of whites occupied my closet lately ! seems like someone have a crush for white!

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I'm so in love with the new trend: open bangles, bracelet, and through finger rings! I ordered my through finger ring both in silver and  gold on asos and I was looking for the same trend for bracelets or bangles. I could not find anything pretty so I made a DIY with my old never worn earrings, cut the end wided it a little to make it fit on my arm and voila I've made an open bracelet that  can be worn as bangle too, spending 0 money! Woohoo

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wearing my cosmic blue shirt that I adore, could you imagine I found it  in my wardrobe and I didn't even notice the presence of these beauty for years.  It's just the right time to start wear it, I like how it looks paired with my new double spike silver ring that I just received from asos! I think there will be more "Cosmic" posts with my new/old cosmic top! 

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