paint it black

 As I promised here are few of my new entries! beige booties, ray ban wayfarer and black boyish sneakers !! Have a great start of the week folks! 

ray ban wayfarer sunglasses /esprit watch (mens) / beige suede booties (the first pic.) / black boyish sneakers /
 black skinny jeans /silver  necklace(used as bracelet) / cotton tank top - T by ALEXSANDER WANG /
Chanel Miroir Double Facettes Mirror Duo / knotted beige belt

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Made in Italy

My italian shopping went well for five good reasons: Italian vogue, summer booties a pair of wayfarers and just for a good time I had like always when I'm in Italy!
so, my summer wishlist is so long but buying these things I've shorten it a bit, the ray bans was on my wishlist for a long time so they were my priority even I felt in love with an other pair of sunnies that you will see in the pictures below. And what to say about the suede booties?! they are just what I was searching for made for my summer outfits I already can image it with a maxi skirt! In the pictures below you'll see  photos of pieces I regret that I have not brought, like those super cool d&g sunnies and a pair of black biker booties! tell me what do you thing about them, do I have to regret that I haven't buy it?! 
In the next post you will se all my new stuff and outfits that I styled with them!

signiorina, I'll buy them, imidiatlly!!
 the super cool d&g sunnies that I haven't buy, maybe next time!

 black biker booties
 suede booties

details on my desk: new wayfarers, a photo taken when I had my natural hair color, vogue italia, silver bracelet and my new silver necklace

Intimissimi tank top/ bata booties/ old black studded bag/ ray ban aviator sunnies/ silver bracelet/ silver necklace/ black corduroy shorts

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old blue bandana/ belt from sisley/vintage maxi skirt/ transparent top from terranova/ blue clutch accesories/new yorker horn+cross necklace(men's)/ silver collar necklace old/ and my fav pair of sandals from few sesons ago

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Caramel- cream flavor

 I can't get enough of basic shirts, they're simple, breathable and everything goes great with a simple black or white shirt. Yesterday my outfit was a combination of caramel, vanilla and cream, like my favorite flavors of ice cream. With a basic shirt in the leading role I  combined  the leather shorts from last summer, a leather belt which I stole from boyfriend's wardrobe in almost the same color of my shorts.  For the final touch here are my suede boots from few years ago and the suede sack shaped bag.



suede beige boots- zara from 2008
leather shorts - stradivarius
belt- my boyfriends/ jack&jones
metal cuff- my mom's/ vintage
white shirt - my mom's / vintage- fendi
sack bag- berishka from 2008
wayfarers- h&m

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