Ready for spring summer 2011? what to buy/wear?

Prepare yourself for spring/summer with wide leg pants, a lot of colors like those recommended by Gucci, vintage pieces and gypsy looks. Transparent clothing is the key piece for hot summer days.
Although I worry that colors will be "in" this year (I prefer black looks , or even a small dose of colors- but exaggeration with colors is something I really don't support) I was a little disappointed when I realized that even Gucci, a brand that fascinated me for such a long time with it's classy stile, is now introducing a variety of strong colors for this spring/summer season.

My style tips: 
Shoes - no more platforms! For this summer wear high heeled gladiator's.

 Dresses - Maxi skirt look. Minimalistic, black or white,  look faboulus for hot summer  evenings.

                                                      Large jewelry - in all insane forms.

                                                 Bags - clutch bags with chains and studs

Satchel bags in pastel color