5 trends 2010

   here's my review !

Belt gets a new role: Belt is no longer used to hold the pants, that's not a news, this season trend was a long belt wrapped on the waist in brown colors, like stolen from your boyfrend's closet, by the way if you add it to his white shirt it will look beautiful. As was shown by many designers for example I choose fendi.


Pointed Toe shoes are back?: For a long time we have not seen them on runways, but designers for 2010 planned to bring them back. Valentino, Louis Vouitton, Prada and Stella McCartney are just some of the great masters of fashion who try to return them, but are they succeed? Except Valentino which has created a winning combination of romance and rivets so we saw them on fashionistas , others have failed .But thats just my opinion. 
Maybe this year will be the right year to return them.

Aviator jacket: Burberry was the leader for trends in 2010.
They launched the aviator jacket as seen in this photo .

Shearling : The aviator jacket was not the only thing  launched by burberry and immediately became a trend, they launched amazing boots,jacket and coats lined with shearling and it has become most desired piece on the whislist of fashion lovers.

  Wide leg pants: Bye bye skinny pants, now is the time for wide leg!  Like in these photos that I posted of my favorite, the first one is emilio pucci and the others from Chloe. I have to say I adore wide  pants and I continued to wore them even the trend approves skinny jeans only, but wide leg  make you look slimmer an even taller. So,viva wide pants!

source: chloe, emilio pucci, burberry


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