MY ultimate party outfit would probably look like this: embellished skirt from balmain, embellished pointed toes  in the same tone of the skirt from balmain resort +  no exaggeration at the top- with a simple t-shirt from acne!


Topshop Tee / Red or dead bead skirt 

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zara bag and pointed toe booties/ vintage knit/ old crumpled satin shirt/ horn choker DIY/ h&m ring/ ray ban aviator sunglasses/old  black skinny jeans with zippers

All Black always works great for me. It easily gives me an "high voltage" look, without too much trying and matching! 

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It's since I brought this knit that I wanted to put up an monochromatic outfit inspired by the olive/gray color from  1.the knit  2. my fav nailpolish  3. my favorite faux leather pants and  4. my old zara booties,  and I never did!
And it's also been a while  that I planned to show you these knit,  brought the past september, found  in a man's department of an italian store, meant to be  my boyfriend's fav knit, he tried it for him but  it doesn't suit him at all,  impressed by the color and the horn-buttons, when I  found an XS  I didn't doubted much, the impression  was strong enough to buy it without even try it.
breil watch old/ amisu faux leather pants/ man's knit/ asos spike ring/horn pendant from h&m

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My dog is cooler than me

 Spending time with my best  buddy . He's the best buddy for watching an film, having fun or just for lay down on the sofa doing nothing! And he like taking pics also!! He's a best best buddy ever  ;)

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Christmas is made of LITTLE THINGS! Merry xmas to you all!

Hope you all had a wonderful xmas with your family and dearest persons! Yesterday, I organize a small xmas party for my friends at my home, between food , few drinks and various social games like monopoly, we had really fun. Today, my day started again with lots of good food, my mum's delicious cakes, fulfilled with  happiness and peacefulness, that's only matter for xmas, right? although we all love to see some gifts too, but the happiness with our family and friends is  essential! 

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 fluffy hat/ met jeans / h&m ring/ choker with horn pendant self made / men's grey knit piazza italia/ noemi combat booties A.Wang

Gray!  OH, that poor color, we still classify it as a bleak and gloomy color! but in fact , with the addition of white and beige, GRAY IS OK! 

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ring and bracelet Ann Christine/ skinny jeans old/ zara bag and fur/ old cap

Oh how I love finding new vintage pieces in my family's wardrobe that I can actually wear in my own way but in the other way they remind me of a person which belongs to. hah so strange but feels good to wear something old almost like you and something that somehow describe the person who belongs to. Actually it's nice.

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Vintage Green knit, Noemi ankle booties Alexander Wang, vintage levi's

Green, that's the first time I said YES to colors, that's unbelievable for me, since I'm a basic-color maniac, but GREEN seems a special color, it's like a basic color of all bright colors.

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faux fur, bag and fringed ankle boots all zara/ old cap/ ray ban sunglasses/ dad's old  sweater/ mat ring and metal bracelet  Ann Christine 

And another time with the same outfit +  I added my favorite old baseball cap to sport up the chicness of this fur!

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ALL white winter

Diesel old belt and bracelet/ Ann Christine metal bracelet/ ray ban aviator sunnies/ Alexander Wang noemi combat booties/ met jeans/ Old terranova knit/ gray-white striped beanie

I'm loving monochromatic and  all in one color outfits so much that I could wear them and only them like forever  + details have to be in a different color such as silver or gold and then, I'm pretty satisfied!

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Rock the fur

zara fringed ankle boots/ zara faux fur/ zara bag/ dad's old box sweater/ old black skinnies/ ray ban wayfarers/ ring and bracelt Ann Christine

There's TOO many ways to wear fur, or simply to ROCK THE FUR, eh, that's my way to wear it!

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