Ray Ban Clubmaster

Ray Ban
Model: clubmaster
Color: black with gold details
Condition: great
Specifications: This model of Ray bans are many celebs favorite because of the classic style and gold enriched details which looks great in any occasion.
Price: 100€

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ZARA Baroque Style Black Belt

Model:baroque style black belt with gold details
Size: m
Color: black leather with gold details
Condition: great, like never used
Specifications: Tight black leather classic belt embelished with gold hardwear
Price: 20€

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Asos Faux Fur With Hoodie

Model: faux fur with hoodie
Size: s
Color: white -brown
Condition: perfect worn once
Specifications: this sold out asos coat has the most perfect and soft faux fur texture, warm and stylish
Note: perfect for cold winter weather to enrich your outfit but still look stylish
Price: 70€

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ZARA Faux Fur Beige Jacket

model: faux fur beige jacket
size: xs
color: beige
condition: very good
specifications: perfect faux fur jacket in a different shade this seasons hottest color-beige. Fits perfectly for a rock chic look and it will perfectly fit and embellish your basic look. Worn several times but
Price: 70€

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ZARA Asymmetric court pointed toes shoe

Model: Asymmetric court pointed toes shoes
Size: 38
Color: black suede 
Condition: worn several times
Specifications: the most beautiful shoes that were the biggest trend of 2012 are bloggers and readers favorite shoes, they still look gorgeous and are very rare, hard to find. The asymmetric cuts embellish your legs and as well every outfit you'll wear with them, classic with a modern touch, basic
yet different. They are very comfortable.
Price:  60€

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Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell

Model: zip 2
Size: 37.5
Color: black leather with studs
Heels: 14.6 cm
Condition: perfect, never worn
Specifications: Perfect pointy toe platform shoes with a edgy look, size 37.5 but fits larger to size, fits 38.5. Lace up ties are adjustable to make the shoes fit tighter or larger and reach out a different look. Never worn in perfect condition.
Note: the ponty toe style of platform shoes are very distinctive, they will make the whole look, in the style of the Olsen sistera if worn with ripped black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt.
Price: 150€

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