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Old gladiator sandals- Celine sunglasses- Levis shorts-Forever 21 necklace
Hello, It's been a hectic week but I finally found the time to post few pics of one of my favorite summer look- little white dress and levis shorts underneath simple yet amazing. And these gladiator sandals are my everything for the summer and all of you keep asking me where I got them, I bought them when I was in high school in a mini shoe shop and I kept wearing them till today, and the other day as I was wearing them the straps tear apart but I manage to find a guy who made a miracle and fixed them!


Ebay flats / Celine sunnies / Forever 21 jewellery / Dresslink fringe mini 

Hello.... Didn't posted for a while, but now that I've been sick for two days I finally found the time to update all my social media acc blog, youtube channel, instagram and facebook, so it seems that one has to be sick to have some free time (unfortunately)  So I had this shoots from few weeks ago and I didn't find the time to post it so here it is now, and all that I have in mind when choosing what to wear is one thing: would it be to hot in these/that? Yes, the heat is insane I don't know about you guys but I'm not standing these abnormally hot weather here in Croatia, and yes we have the sea, great beaches and all but it's even too hot for that! Hahah.

Bussiness at the top party at the bottom

Hi dear ones! Lately I've been living in my shorts, all kind of denim shorts from my vintage light wash levis to these bandit shorts from One teaspoon, shorts all summer long! I love to mix my ankle boots with shorts to make a contrast and a summer meets winter style. And also I love to mix different styles so this one is appropriately called business at the top party at the bottom because I feel like a lady boss in these forever 21 blazer but with my one teaspoon bandit shorts I feel like a party freak and then also my beloved Isabel Marant boots give a boho festival vibe to the outfit, love this trio!


 Hello guys, just a quick post, here's what's happening lately on my insta, be sure to check it (right corner on my blog you'll find the instagram box) ! Since I didn't find the time to update you with new outfits and stories I decided to post two of my favorite summer combinations from my instagram feed, new lace top from Ashanti Brazil and a mix of nude pink shades on the image below.Hope you like it and I hope I will find the time to update my blog and youtube soon!


I don't realize how blessed and lucky I am to have the sea few minutes of walk from my house, so lucky to live by the sea and have this fantastic view all the time. I felt like I need to capture those happy moments with these beautiful sea and show you my peaceful paradise ;)